The Miracle of the 33

Through this spectacular rescue that pulled the light out of the darkness, that took these 33 miners from captivity to freedom, we will also take keys and secrets, the life lessons that will take us from one state to the other.

Get to know the story of the most spectacular rescue in human history that
shook the World.

The New Book "The Miracle of the 33"
By Alex Marvel











Get to know the story of the most spectacular rescue in human history that shook the World.

The events and news of the 33 miners “buried alive” at 700 meters underground (equivalent to practically two Empire State buildings).

A shattering chronology of the 70 days that made the entire planet rise to their feet.

The author Alex Marvel, shows how the empathy, collaboration and solidarity that arose from all corners of the earth in regards to the 33 miners proves that we possess a luminous side that is very powerful and that looking at it allows us to face life colored with hope.

Exciting stories that will give value and meaning to life. .



Alex, in Conference together with Jorge Galleguillos, gives us powerful and unpublished stories experienced during 69 days, "buried alive", with a unique opportunity to have the conference attendees ask questions in real time to one of the 33 miners who underwent this feat of global proportions…

Alex Marvel and Jorge Galleguillos, give us this conference as an inspiration for life, and success despite the obstacles; and as an inspiration for faith, optimism and enthusiasm. Because it is not necessary to be trapped 700 meters deep to realize that life is beautiful and valuable.


Alex Marvel


Conference "The Miracle of the 33"

In this conference, Alex Marvel analyzes the events that mark this odyssey and which become highly relevant when we compare it to life, family or business.

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This certifies that listeners perceive that Alex speaks the language of business and that someone who understands speaks to them... and truly, that’s the way it is.

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