Business Coaching



Business Coaching facilitates the processes for setting objectives and meeting goals.
Coaching for Companies

Change your future
Alex Marvel

Business Coaching can improve and maintain professional capacity with:

- More clarity of objectives

- Better internal communication

- More enthusiasm at work

- More confidence in client’s own abilities

- More confidence in team skills

- More interest in the use of adequate tools and systems.


Executive Coaching

Alex Marvel gives an approach that aims to train leadership abilities, communication, time management and personal items that directly affect the economic performance of the company. It is a widely used methodology in international senior management.

Coaching is the most powerful tool for more and better results without increasing team numbers. 
 An international study has shown that providing training for employees can increase their performance by 22% while training + coaching increases performance up to 88%.



Inspirational Talks
are a real injection of enthusiasm for the audience




Annual meetings

Seminars, Meetings, Conferences.





Sales conventions

Product launch

Motivational lecture series, Preparing for sales efforts.





Every time you need to increase motivation, productivity and the welfare of people.



How does it work?
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Through a previous diagnosis that we carry out together with the client, Alex adapts his lectures to the specific needs of each case.

This enriches the results sought by the client, because during his presentation, Alex reinforces the messages that are strategic to promote organization, including managing codes and words that are part of organizational culture and everyday life of participants. 


This certifies that listeners perceive that Alex speaks the language of business and that someone who understands speaks to them... and truly, that’s the way it is.

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