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Alex Marvel conferences are a real injection of enthusiasm for the audience

Motivational Speaker
Alex Marvel

Alex Marvel is not only a lecturer; he is also a thinker and creator of content, using lectures and conferences as a means to deliver a transforming motivational message, and above all a very practical one.


Alex Marvel conferences are a real injection of enthusiasm for the audience.

Through his ideas coupled with clear and precise tools, attendees discover a world of new possibilities that inspire, motivate and lead to action.

Participants are exposed to relevant facts and examples, which give them the confidence to take control of their destiny and embark on new and lucrative paths for them and their companies.

Hire a motivational conference today, given by Alex Marvel, an expert on the motivation of human resources, able to take you to levels never before imagined, thanks to his great public speaking abilities, sensitivity and experience to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. more »

New Conference

In this conference we analyze the events that mark this odyssey and which become highly relevant when we compare it to life, family or business . Through this spectacular rescue that pulled the light out of the darkness, that took these 33 miners from captivity to freedom, we will also take keys and secrets, the life lessons that will take us from one state to the other. more »


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are a real injection of enthusiasm for the audience




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Seminars, Meetings, Conferences.





Sales conventions

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Motivational lecture series, Preparing for sales efforts.





Every time you need to increase motivation, productivity and the welfare of people.



How does it work?
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Through a previous diagnosis that we carry out together with the client, Alex adapts his lectures to the specific needs of each case.

This enriches the results sought by the client, because during his presentation, Alex reinforces the messages that are strategic to promote organization, including managing codes and words that are part of organizational culture and everyday life of participants. 


This certifies that listeners perceive that Alex speaks the language of business and that someone who understands speaks to them... and truly, that’s the way it is.

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