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Crisis in the Soccer Player
by Alex Marvel

The Dalai Lama said:
"If our mind is influenced by fear, suspicion, despair, or self-pity, happiness will escape, even when we are surrounded by our closest friends, in a harmonious and pleasant environment."

In my research I discovered that many players are aware of the influence of their thoughts: "When I'm sad, I do not play so well."
"I remember one disastrous game last December. Just getting to the field, I saw it was too hard and fast. ‘How hard I have it today!’ I thought and so it was. To top it all off, my marker was a bull and "scratched" on each entry.

It was after that game that all my troubles started. I cannot get it out of my head ... "

"What happens to me now? I missed the last two penalties. I have no confidence. As the maximum penalty occurs my nerves start.

I have no desire as before to take the ball to prevent another teammate from doing the same thing.

I do not know where to look, if in the eyes of the goalkeeper, at my teammates, at the referee. I doubt too much: I’ll throw hard, without thinking, no, no, strong and high, or better placed next to the post ... "

If you allow these similar thoughts and ideas to be installed in your brain for long periods of time, your body reacts, even if you're not aware of it, with demonstrations around the heart, lungs, stomach, colon, or in any organ around your body.

If you let them live within you long enough, not only your athletic performance will be in crisis, but it will facilitate the emergence of the so-called psychosomatic illnesses, such as some types of hypertension, anxiety, depression, ulcers, irritable bowel, etc.

In my talks to reprogram the mind, you can discover how to deal with this in the best way and come out victorious. 


Alex Marvel has developed projects which offer resources and strategies to the player himself, so that he can benefit when it is time to practice or compete. It is a compilation of techniques and proposals on how to apply behavioral psychology in football practice, the use of cognitive psychology to enhance the mood of the player, the bases and foundations of group dynamics to improve team interaction, the importance of motivation and how to implement these techniques.



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