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by Alex Marvel

Every player has dazzling moments when "they carry out a good match” and sports commentators deploy all their language skills to praise the good of their performance.

The problem lies in accepting that this player "has carried out a good match" also means, in many cases, something not as good as it would seem, because it is understood as an event that is isolated, sporadic, abnormal, casual, etc..

In no case is it a logical explanation given to this optimal state of play, claiming that the achievement is due to chance or "an appropriate mix of the stars".

The question is: Why has it reached this level? Why can it not be repeated more often? How can it be obtained? What would you say if I told you that these statements can be controlled and you can provoke them? You can generate instances to stay highly motivated and they do not have to be a random consequence of situations.

Successful players distance themselves from the rest, because they have learned, consciously or not, to play their matches with a number of allies such as:

A higher level of concentration

A higher level of trust and security

A great ability to read the game and adapt to its characteristics

Good communication with the team

A great capacity for self-motivation and spurring the team on, etc.

You must stop thinking that this is luck or chance, it is important that you realize that during the game and afterward:

You may think

You can analyze the reasons for underperforming

You can stimulate your mind

You can change your thoughts

You can change your mood

Pelé became the king, because he transformed the extraordinary into a good game, in an ordinary event due to its frequency.


Alex Marvel has developed projects which offer resources and strategies to the player himself, so that he can benefit when it is time to practice or compete. It is a compilation of techniques and proposals on how to apply behavioral psychology in football practice, the use of cognitive psychology to enhance the mood of the player, the bases and foundations of group dynamics to improve team interaction, the importance of motivation and how to implement these techniques.



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Through a previous diagnosis that we carry out together with the client, Alex adapts his lectures to the specific needs of each case.

This enriches the results sought by the client, because during his presentation, Alex reinforces the messages that are strategic to promote organization, including managing codes and words that are part of organizational culture and everyday life of participants. 


This certifies that listeners perceive that Alex speaks the language of business and that someone who understands speaks to them... and truly, that’s the way it is.

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