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Prosperity Files
by Alex Marvel

It's amazing that most people know how their computer works so much better than how their brain works.

I want to see how your mind works.

Symbolically, it is a closet or something like a file cabinet like the one you can find in your home or office.

All information entered is labeled and stored in folders so that when you need it, you can easily access it.

Any new situation which you face will have you going back to the files in your mind in or order to establish how to act or what to do.

For example, if you're thinking about a financial opportunity, instinctively you will go to the file called money and from there decide what to do.

Those are the only thoughts that you may have about money, as they are the ones you have there, in your money file because it is all there in your mind under that category.

When you make the decision, you think you lean towards the right decision; the problem is your right choice may not be a successful one.

What may be logical for you may have catastrophic consequences.

It's like divorce, if a woman as a child was raised in a hostile environment, from divorced parents, a broken, dysfunctional home, when a time of crisis sets in, the answer that will immediately come from her mental files is: “You don’t have to accept this, it’s best that each one goes their separate ways”.

That is to say, the thought of divorce will appear any time it is required.

However, if this woman was raised in a family atmosphere, where her parents fought a lifetime to be together and always saw marriage as indissoluble, when it comes time to deal with her own marital conflicts, she will go to her files and immediately come up with the answer: "You must fight, marriage is for life, love should overcome the conflict, acceptance and forgiveness will help you get ahead," what is most likely is that when her marriage goes through troubled waters she will come out victorious. But at no time will the idea of divorce appear, because a file with the idea of divorce was never installed.

Now, imagine a lady in a mall, and suddenly she sees a red bag with a 30% discount. Immediately she turns to her mental files with the question: Should I buy this purse? The files immediately return with the answer: It matches perfectly with the red shoes you bought the other day, and it is the right size, buy it! While going to the counter to pay, not only is she happy about the acquisition but she is also proud to have achieved a 30% discount, which means big savings. To her mind this purchase is perfect, it makes sense and it is logical, she thinks she needs it and it is a bargain. However, at no time the thought came to her: "It is true the purse is cute, but now I have a debt that is too bulky, so I'd better desist."

That did not occur to her because there is no file that contains it.

The file "When you are in debt do not buy more" was never installed in her brain and it does not exist, which means that she cannot choose that option.

Do you understand what I’m saying? If your closet only has files that do not contribute to happiness or economic success, these are the only options you have to choose from.

For you it will be natural, normal and will make a lot of sense. But in the end these thoughts will produce failure, or at best, mediocrity.

But if your mental files contribute to happiness and prosperity, you will take a natural and automatic decision to produce prosperity.

You will not have to think.

Your natural way of thinking will lead to prosperity, something like King Solomon, his normal way of thinking produced wealth.

Would you like to think as prosperous people do?

Would you like to think as King Solomon once did?

Sure you can!

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