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The Revolution of Thought
by Alex Marvel

I intend to share a revelation that will undoubtedly cause a rupture in the structures preconceived by the mind of many people:
1. Those who today, because of their thinking, are living where things do not work.
2. Those who want to improve their quality of life in a comprehensive way.
3. Those who on the inside know that life is more than what they have experienced.
4. Those who are willing to make those changes that will move them to new worlds.
Are you ready? Well, come on. The answer you've always wanted is in your hands.

You are the architect of your own future, the forger of yourself, by virtue of the thoughts you choose and encourage. Your mind is a veritable factory that weaves the clothes you wear, not only deep inside the interior of your character as well as in external circumstances. So if today it has woven ignorance and suffering, choosing the right thoughts can weave enlightenment and happiness.
One of the deepest and most famous thoughts of Solomon is the following: "For what is man's thought in his heart, so is he". In fact, it has been quoted by many scholars of thought, as it encompasses all aspects, conditions and circumstances of human life.
Human beings are what they think. Your profile is the sum of all your thoughts, which we forge and shape until they shape who we are.

What we think is going to happen, is certainly what our brains and the laws of the universe will make happen.
If you welcome in your mind negative thoughts, the pain will follow as the plow follows the ox. Similarly, if your thoughts are positive, thoughts of faith and optimism, happiness will follow you as your own shadow. It is a great truth.
All you do are like the branches of the tree of thought. Joy and suffering are its fruits.
Thus we conclude unequivocally and in a non-negotiable fashion "that men harvest the sweet or bitter fruits that they sow.
There is no doubt: good thoughts give good fruit, bad thoughts give bad fruit that hinders and destroys.

Your mind is like a garden, which you can care for or give up and let it fill with weeds. Whether you cultivate it or neglect it, it is intended to produce.  If no useful seeds are sown, the weed seeds will fall, which then will grow and reproduce abundantly.
So I urge you to tend the garden of your mind, cleanse it of harmful thoughts, useless and impure thoughts, and cultivate toward perfection those flowers and fruits of right, useful and pure thinking.
You're exactly where you are because of your thinking. You are the fruit and the result of the thoughts of your own being.
The thoughts you have built during the formation of your character have led you there. This is not subject to dispute. In the layout of your life there are no random elements, it is a law that cannot fail.
In our mind a thinker and an experimenter dwells: the self that thinks and the self that experiences. The experimenter, who is in us, is responsible to experience what the thinker thinks. Thus, our conception of the physical universe and how we face it will determine our way of life in this physical world.

Everything is the sum of our thoughts. Yet we ourselves set the economic conditions of our existence in the physical universe, including personal property, your car, your bank account at the bank, your house, your material well-being in general ...

What occupies your mind and what you think means more than anything else in your life. Your thoughts determine how much you win, where you live, and what you will become in life.
What goes into our mind and occupies the thinking process at some point comes out of our mouths. Therefore, the way you think determines who you are and you can literally change your life when you start having different thoughts.
The revolution of thought will help you recover and rediscover the most magnificent and fecund promise: that man is the master of his thoughts and is therefore the trainer of his own character, the creator and shaper of his circumstances, environment, and destination.
When man becomes the master of his own thoughts, he has the key to every situation, and therefore carries within the transformation and regeneration agency by which he becomes what he wants. Man is the master of his own earthly destiny, he can become the builder of his future and, most importantly, he has the power to influence his own being ...


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