Development of Thinking Skills in competition
Coaching for athletes

Making Champions from the Roots
Alex Marvel

Writer Miguel Pallares said: "The day is not far off, where most football teams, as well as any player who wants to develop 100% of his possibilities must also practice mental training in addition to physical, technical and tactical training." .


High competition requires high level training that covers all aspects of the player, i.e. a complete training. Currently, a good physical and technical training must also be accompanied by a good mental activity.

Coaching is the most powerful tool to obtain more and better results.

Developing the intellectual potential we have as human beings allows us to engage ourselves more effectively in the world of sports. The Coach introduces the theory and practice of the Thinking Skills Development Program and its relevance in competition. It includes exercises and practical examples to facilitate understanding of conceptual, operational and functional components of the mental processes. Contact Us  .





To give the participant effective, practical knowledge to become a successful athlete, this will enable him/her to improve the skills pertaining to their discipline, and in this way offer participants a professional and personal development that will enable them to achieve their goals and their objectives . In the most advanced countries, more than 50% of companies use business coaching. Business Coaching can improve and maintain professional capacity. Contact Us 

Currently, good physical and technical training must be accompanied by good mental activity.

Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses and organizations.

Interactive Workshops

Through a revolutionary proposal, interior training is intended to complement exterior training.

Consider the following: Imagine a tree that symbolically represents life. In this tree there are fruits.

In life, our fruits are called "results", but we look at the fruits (our results) and we do not like them: they are not enough, they are too small or they do not taste well. So, what do we tend to do? Most people focus their attention on the fruits, the results, but what is it that creates these results, these particular fruits? The Roots


Through his ideas coupled with clear and precise tools, attendees discover a world of new possibilities that inspire, motivate and lead to action.

Participants are exposed to relevant facts and examples, which give them the confidence to take control of their destiny and embark on new and lucrative paths for them and their companies.



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Inspirational Talks
are a real injection of enthusiasm for the audience




Annual meetings

Seminars, Meetings, Conferences.





Sales conventions

Product launch

Motivational lecture series, Preparing for sales efforts.





Every time you need to increase motivation, productivity and the welfare of people.



How does it work?
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Through a previous diagnosis that we carry out together with the client, Alex adapts his lectures to the specific needs of each case.

This enriches the results sought by the client, because during his presentation, Alex reinforces the messages that are strategic to promote organization, including managing codes and words that are part of organizational culture and everyday life of participants. 


This certifies that listeners perceive that Alex speaks the language of business and that someone who understands speaks to them... and truly, that’s the way it is.

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